Creating healthier environments

for our tenants and employees

while reducing consumption of resources

How office design impacts the health, well-being and productivity of employees

A recent report from the World Green Building Council provides further evidence that there is a relationship between a range of factors in office design—including air quality, climate comfort and daylighting—and the health and performance of office workers. Simply stated, office design can positively impact the health and productivity of employees, pointing to a significant financial savings for employers. Download the report.

About COPT’s Sustainability Program

Corporate Office Properties Trust’s (“COPT”’s) sustainability programs are woven throughout the fabric of our entire company. We have been developing buildings to a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a program of the US Green Building Council) Silver minimum standard since 2003. For buildings that are operational, we invest in energy systems and equipment that reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Since 2010, we have embraced the LEED-EB prerequisites, including green cleaning, recycling, ENERGY STAR®, no smoking and other operations and maintenance policies to ensure our employees and tenants work in a healthy environment.

In 2014, we committed to participating in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (“GRESB”) survey.The 2015 survey was our first submittal, and we were pleased to have earned a “Green Star” rating, the highest quadrant of achievement. In 2017, we earned our third consecutive Green Star rating and ranked 26th among 49 North American office participants across all asset types. Please take a look at our 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report for detailed information about our sustainability program and successes.

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COPT’s Sustainability Pledge

We pledge to sustainably develop and operate our portfolio to create healthier work environments and reduce consumption of resources.

Our ESG Pledge:

To sustainably develop and operate our portfolio to create healthier work environments and reduce consumption of resources. Our tactics for achieving our pledge are to Reduce, Innovate, Teach and Engage as part of our daily responsibilities. By following the “RITE” principles, we optimize our property operations and add value for all our stakeholders.


Minimize the consumption of resources to decrease our carbon footprint

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Continually adapt and enhance our building operations, designs and technologies to optimize resources

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Identify new areas where we can advocate and expand sustainable practices among our stakeholder groups and reporting

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Maximize sustainability throughout our supply chain and by our tenants in affiliation with sustainable industry leaders to ensure best practices

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The Green Workplace

In each building we develop and/or operate, we seek to maximize energy efficiency, create the healthiest environment possible, and minimize the building's environmental impact.

Some of our success stories...

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Reducing Emissions
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Energy Savings
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LEED-ing the Industry
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What are Some of your Stories?

If you are an office tenant, big or small, and have a story to tell about how you Reduced, Innovated, Educated or Affiliated to create a healthier work environment and/or reduce consumption of resources, send us your story and we may feature it on our site.


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